The Business Trip

One of my favorite parts about working in the corporate world is getting to wear some of the most fabulous professional outfits. There is something special about picking out your outfits the night before and having a reason to dress up in your best attire every day. That’s why I was elated when my boss told me that I would be going on a business trip to San Francisco for the week

I couldn’t wait to show off all of my favorite business professional pieces at the conferences and meetings I would be attending over the four days that I would be there. But, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also excited to check out some of the mesmerizing sights and sounds of northern California, as well as serve up some of my best casual looks.

I carefully packed my bags and made sure to include all of my most stylish business attire. I checked the time on my stylish purple Garmin digital watch and it was already 3:45! My flight was in an hour and a half, and if I didn’t hurry up I was going to be late.

I quickly closed up my luggage and called an Uber. Thankfully, the driver got me to the airport with time to spare. My flight was long, so I settled in with a refreshing Sprite and patiently watched the clouds outside my window on the way there. I thought about all the fun I was about to have during my first trip to San Francisco.

Before I knew it, we had landed. I went directly to the hotel to check-in. Thankfully, my boss had hooked me up with a luxurious suite in a 5-star hotel right next to the conference center. I had a long day ahead of me so it was time to get some rest.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of trolley cars chiming in the distance. It was time to get ready for the day. I unzipped my suitcase, and my heart nearly dropped when I realized that all of the clothing I brought was 100% purple. I had packed in such a rush that I forgot to include any neutral tones! I gave myself a mini-pep talk as I figured out what to do. I didn’t have enough time to go shopping for any more items!
Finally, I decided that I would roll with what I had. After all, purple is my favorite color, so a monochromatic purple outfit couldn’t be that bad, right? I settled on an embossed leopard print silky lavender top  layered underneath a crisp purple blazer .

I tucked the top into my favorite new midi-length pencil skirt to add contrast to the texture. I was already wearing a pair of purple gemstone earrings that I really liked, so I decided to stick with them. To complete my look, I added a pair of classic purple suede heels.
I checked my outfit in the mirror before I headed out the door to my first meeting and, I have to admit, It looked pretty good! I feel the most confident when I’m dressed in purple, anyways!

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